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Our motto is simple, yet profound; Good Jobs, Good Treats.

Our vision is to offer a practical solution to a real problem. We explored making dog treats and we fell in love. Mixing, baking, packaging, oh my! Fast forward two years and Bellcate School Dog Treats is fully operational.

Students in special education with disabilities need meaningful education and employment and your dogs need good treats.  With each purchase of Bellcate School Dog Treats, you are supporting both. Students and their families are filled with hope and enthusiasm about the far reaching impact of our program.

Bellcate School Dog Treats Student Blending Beets in Kitchen


The unemployment rate for people with disabilities in the United States is twice that of people without disabilities.


In 2018, Bellcate School decided to emBARK on a business solution to support the complex needs of students with disabilities.

Shelf of Bellcate School Dog Treats in many flavors
Bellcate School Dog Treats students weighing all natural dog treats


Students in special education at Bellcate School mix, bake, package, label, and distribute all Bellcate School Dog Treats as part of our progressive employment model.


With each purchase of Bellcate School Dog Treats, you are supporting meaningful employment for people with disabilities and you are giving a nutritious and delicious dog treat to your lovable friend.

Bellcate School Dog Treats student packaging all natural dog treats
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